What I miss…

Chubby arms and legs Gummy grins Carrying my babies Breastfeeding When they look up at you and stare while you breastfeed and when they smile at you and momentarily forget about feeding. Crawling Giggles Bubbly bath time The big smile when they see you after a nap or in the morning Tiny clothes Tiny feet … More What I miss…

Got ink?

I adore my tattoo. I have waited so many years to find a tattoo that I knew I would love forever. I thought about it on and off over the years, but I could never think of anything important enough to have permanently etched on my body. Then some stinky shit entered my families life … More Got ink?


I am lucky to have two children with no allergies. Pip, my six-year-old has an intolerance to gluten but it is very mild. When Pip was 10 months old, I gave her some dinner. It was homemade meatballs; she hadn’t had them before but loved them. I wasn’t sure how much actually made it into … More Allergies

I’m tired.

Keep going. Just keep swimming. Don’t give up. I am so tired of pushing forward all the time. When will it become easier and when will I just feel relaxed and happy again? I should be happy, I adore my girls and I have a good life. I just miss the days when I didn’t … More I’m tired.