What I miss…

  1. Chubby arms and legs
  2. Gummy grins
  3. Carrying my babies
  4. Breastfeeding
  5. When they look up at you and stare while you breastfeed and when they smile at you and momentarily forget about feeding.
  6. Crawling
  7. Giggles
  8. Bubbly bath time
  9. The big smile when they see you after a nap or in the morning
  10. Tiny clothes
  11. Tiny feet
  12. Little ears and noses
  13. Blowing raspberries on their tummies
  14. Playgroup
  15. Playschool live shows
  16. Justine Clarke
  17. The Wiggles
  18. Sloppy kisses
  19. When they play with your hair
  20. Days off work in the sunshine
  21. Pushing a pram
  22. Feeling them kick while pregnant, especially the first little bubbles when they are still too tiny to make an impact
  23. Having a little buddy to spend the day with
  24. Nap times
  25. Newborn cries
  26. The heavy weight of a milk drunk newborn

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