A few things about me.


  • I have a tattoo. I really enjoy the fact that I can write that now. It is tiny, but so very meaningful and special to me.
  • There are many things I doubt about myself and question whether I am doing right or wrong, but one thing I am certain of is the fact that I am a wonderful mother. I wont ever allow myself to be challenged on that. It is my greatest achievement.
  • I love the movie Grease 2.
  • The only reason I read popular, serious novels is to show off about it and feel important. I much prefer easy to read, romantic and funny stories. Commonly known as chick lit but I hate that term because it feels derogatory to female authors and the educated women who enjoy them.
  • I am a fiercely loyal friend. I will defend you to the end. I will fight on friends behalves for things that I would never have the confidence to do for myself.
  • My current Spotify playlist is varied…and that is putting it mildly. I have Madonna, Guns and Roses, Bonnie Raitt, Carrie Underwood, Bliss n Eso, Hilltop Hoods, The Cranberries, Oasis and Midnight Oil.
  • My favourite movie, and probably the only movie I can watch over and over again is Pitch Perfect.
  • If it hasn’t become clear yet, I am a dag.
  • I am a people pleaser. I will do just about anything to make someones day or to help them. It very rarely gets reciprocated and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed by that at times. I don’t do things in order to get anything in return, however, I wish everyone was more thoughtful and there were more random acts of kindness in our lives.
  • I like Bluey.
  • The soundtrack to Tangled: The Series is really good and I will admit that I have “accidentally” listened to it when no children were in the car with me.
  • I can’t bake and I really don’t enjoy it anyway.
  • I make a really good vegetable soup and chicken pie but aside from those, I am not a good cook.
  • I regularly forget to eat breakfast and realise around 1pm that I haven’t eaten yet. This realisation usually happens when I wonder why I feel cranky or light headed.
  • I do not handle my hormones well. I still haven’t accepted the fact that I must have my period every month. I turn into a grumpy mess every time.
  • If there was a competition for sleeping, I would excel in it. I have always been able to fall asleep easily at any time. This came in very handy when I had babies as I could easily fall back asleep after waking for night feeds and I could nap during the day. This frustrates my husband who not only has trouble falling asleep at bed time, if he is woken in the night he is generally then up until morning. The downside to my sleeping abilities is that I am terrible in the mornings and often late because I don’t get up with my alarm.
  • Growing up it was just myself, my mum and my sister and as a result we are incredibly close. I love that I have two daughters and hope that we are just as close.


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